National, Regional, State, City Committees Region Jul-11 AUG  2011 SEP   2011 OCT   2011 NOV  2011 Dec-11
National Grievance Committee National NMS 08/15-08/17 NMS NMS 11/14-11/16 NMS
JAC -Joint Area buy essays cheap Committee – Central Central NMS NMS 09/12-09/14 NMS NMS 12/12-12/14
705 Chicago writing academic essays JCC Central 22-Jul 19-Aug 23-Sep 21-Oct 18-Nov 16-Dec
Chicago Joint State and Local Committee (710) Central 7-Jul 4-Aug 09/01 & 09/29 NMS 3-Nov 1-Dec
Chicago Suburban Central 25-Jul 29-Aug 26-Sep 24-Oct 21-Nov NMS
Cincinnati literature review writing City Central NMS NMS NMS NMS NMS NMS
Cleveland City Central 8-Jul NMS 2-Sep NMS 4-Nov NMS
Columbus City Central 6-Jul NMS 7-Sep NMS 2-Nov NMS
Fort Wayne, IN Central NMS NMS NMS NMS NMS NMS
Illinois Central 07/18 – 07/19 08/15 – 08/16 NMS 10/17 – 10/18 11/14 – 11/15 NMS
Indiana State Central 19-Jul 16-Aug NMS 18-Oct 15-Nov NMS
Indianapolis, IN Central 26-Jul TBD NMS 25-Oct 29-Nov NMS
Iowa Central 27-Jul NMS 28-Sep NMS 30-Nov NMS
Kansas City Central 19-Jul NMS 20-Sep NMS 15-Nov NMS
Kentucky / West Virginia Central 07/18-07/19 08/22-08/23 09/19-09/20 10/17-10/18 11/21-11/22 12/19-12/20
Michigan Joint Committee Central 07/05* 2-Aug NMS 4-Oct 1-Nov NMS
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Central 21-Jul 11-Aug 16-Sep 18-Oct 18-Nov 8-Dec
MOKAN Central 07/05 07/06 08/02 08/03 09/06 09/07 10/04 10/05 11/08 11/09 12/06 12/07
Nebraska Central 14-Jul 25-Aug NMS 13-Oct NMS 20-Dec
Ohio Joint State Committee Central 07/13-07/15 08/10-08/12 NMS 10/12-10/14 11/03-11/05 NMS


Central 21-Jul NMS 22-Sep NMS 17-Nov NMS
Wisconsin Central NMS 18-Aug NMS 20-Oct NMS 22-Dec
Carolina Eastern NMS 08/09 – 08/10 09/13 – 09/14 NMS 11/08 – 11/09 12/13 – 12/14
ERJAC Eastern 07/18 – 07/20 NMS NMS 10/24 – 10/26 NMS NMS
HBG JLC CPA JAGC Eastern 6-Jul NMS 7-Sep NMS 2-Nov NMS
Maryland/DC Eastern NMS 25-Aug NMS 20-Oct NMS 29-Dec
New Jersey New York JAC Eastern NMS NMS 28-Sep NMS NMS 7-Dec
New York State JAC Eastern NMS 30-Aug NMS 18-Oct NMS 20-Dec
Northern New England JAC Eastern 13-Jul NMS NMS 12-Oct NMS NMS
PHIL JAC Eastern NMS 2-Aug NMS 4-Oct NMS 6-Dec
Southern New England JAC Eastern 13-Jul NMS NMS 12-Oct NMS NMS
Virginia / Georgia Eastern 7-Jul NMS 8-Sep NMS 17-Nov NMS
WPA JAC Eastern 07/18-07/20 NMS NMS 10/24-10/26 NMS NMS
Southern Multi-State Grievance Committee Southern NMS 08/22-08/26 NMS NMS NMS 12/05-12/09
SRJAC – Southern Region Joint Area Committee Southern 07/11-07/15 NMS NMS 10/10-10/14 NMS NMS
JC-7 Western NMS TBD NMS 10/18-10/19 NMS 12/06-12/07
JWAC Western 07/11-07/14 08/08-08/11 09/12-09/15 10/10-10/13 11/07-11/10 12/12-12/15
Multi-State Grievance Hearing Western 07/11-07/14 NMS 09/12-09/15 10/10-10/13 NMS 12/12-12/15

NMS-  No Meeting Scheduled

TBD-  To Be Determined

*  The cases will be screened the preceding evening with the exception of July 5.  We will screen in the AM and hear cases following.